Earn Extra Income with Realtor.com

Have you ever wanted to earn some extra income on the side? Well, today we have an exciting opportunity for you! In a video titled “How To Make Money With Realtor.com” by Jason Wardrop, you will learn how to leverage the power of Realtor.com to generate income ranging from $100 to $200 per day. The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to identify experienced real estate agents and offer them lead generation services. By helping these agents generate more leads, you can help them grow their business and, in turn, earn recurring monthly income. The video also introduces a software solution that simplifies the lead generation process and provides pre-built templates for Facebook ads and automated email/text marketing. With this method, you can build your own real estate marketing business and start earning extra income. So, if you’re looking for a side hustle with great potential, this video is a must-watch!

Overview of Realtor.com

Introduction to Realtor.com

Realtor.com is a platform similar to Zillow and Trulia, offering a comprehensive list of houses for sale or rent. In addition to property listings, Realtor.com also provides a directory of residential real estate agents, complete with their contact information and data on their sales history. This platform presents an opportunity for individuals to make money by offering lead generation services to experienced real estate agents.

Similarities to Zillow and Trulia

Like Zillow and Trulia, Realtor.com allows users to search for properties for sale or rent. However, one unique feature of Realtor.com is its comprehensive list of residential real estate agents. This makes it easier for individuals to identify agents who have a track record of sales and listings, making them a more promising target for lead generation services.

The Method to Make Money Online

Identifying Experienced Agents

To make money with Realtor.com, it is crucial to identify experienced real estate agents who have sold many homes and have multiple listings. These agents are more likely to be willing to invest in lead generation services, as they understand the value of quality leads in driving their business. By reaching out to these agents, individuals can offer their lead generation services, helping them generate more leads and close more deals.

Offering Lead Generation Services

The core of the method involves offering lead generation services to real estate agents. The goal is to help agents generate more leads, which ultimately leads to more business and closed deals. This can be achieved by utilizing software tools that assist in the lead generation process. These tools provide features such as pre-built templates for Facebook ads and automated email/text marketing to nurture leads.

Utilizing Software for Lead Generation

Pricing Options for Access to Tools

The software tools used for lead generation typically offer different pricing options for access to various features and support. The pricing options may include a self-serve plan, an assisted plan, and a full-service plan. The self-serve plan is the most affordable option and provides users with access to the software without additional assistance. The assisted plan includes some support and guidance from the user to help them generate more leads. The full-service plan offers the most comprehensive support, including personalized assistance and guidance.

Features and Benefits of the Software

The software tools used for lead generation come with a range of features and benefits. These may include pre-built templates for social media ads, automated email and text marketing, analytics and tracking tools, lead nurturing campaigns, and more. These features help streamline the lead generation process, making it easier for real estate agents to attract and convert potential clients. The software also provides users with the ability to white label and customize the platform with their own branding and domain, giving them a professional and credible online presence.

Building Your Real Estate Marketing Business

White Labeling the Software

To establish a real estate marketing business, individuals can white label the lead generation software. This means they can customize the software with their own branding and domain, giving them a professional and personalized touch. By white labeling the software, individuals can create a unique and distinct identity for their business, enhancing their credibility and attracting potential clients.

Setting Up a Professional Website

In addition to white labeling the software, individuals should also set up a professional website for their real estate marketing business. This website serves as a central hub where potential clients can learn more about the services offered and get in touch. By having a well-designed and informative website, individuals can establish themselves as trusted experts in the field, making it easier to attract clients and generate leads.

Core Services Offered

Lead Generation

The core service offered by individuals utilizing the Realtor.com method is lead generation for real estate agents. This involves using various strategies and tools to help agents attract and capture potential clients. By providing high-quality leads to agents, individuals can assist in driving their business forward and increasing their chance of closing deals.

Improved Follow-Up for Leads

In addition to lead generation, individuals also offer improved follow-up services for leads. This involves setting up automated email and text marketing campaigns to nurture leads and keep them engaged. By providing agents with effective and efficient follow-up strategies, individuals can help agents convert more leads into closed deals. The software used for lead generation often includes features that facilitate this improved follow-up process.

Expanding Services with Additional Marketing Software

Easy Setup and Minimal Ongoing Fulfillment

Individuals can expand their real estate marketing business by offering additional marketing software solutions. These solutions are often easy to set up and require minimal ongoing fulfillment. By incorporating these additional marketing software solutions into their services, individuals can provide a more comprehensive marketing package to real estate agents, helping them further enhance their lead generation and conversion efforts.

Attracting Multiple Clients

With the ability to offer a range of marketing software solutions, individuals can attract multiple clients to their business. By providing a diverse set of services, individuals can position themselves as a one-stop solution for real estate agents’ marketing needs. Attracting multiple clients allows individuals to earn recurring monthly income, as clients typically pay monthly fees for access to the software and ongoing support.

Potential to Earn Significant Income

Recurring Monthly Fees

One of the main advantages of the Realtor.com method is the potential to earn significant income through recurring monthly fees. As individuals attract and retain multiple clients, they can generate a steady stream of income from the monthly fees clients pay for access to the marketing software and services. This recurring income can add up over time, resulting in a substantial earning potential.

Attracting Multiple Clients

To maximize their earning potential, individuals using this method aim to attract multiple clients to their real estate marketing business. By continuously marketing and promoting their services, individuals can expand their client base and increase their overall revenue. The key is to provide effective and valuable services that deliver results for real estate agents, thus building trust and credibility within the industry.

Step-by-Step Courses for Further Learning

In-Depth Resources Available

For individuals interested in learning more about the Realtor.com method and optimizing their real estate marketing business, there are comprehensive step-by-step courses available. These courses provide in-depth resources and guidance, covering various aspects of lead generation, marketing strategies, software utilization, and building a successful real estate marketing business. By investing in further learning, individuals can enhance their knowledge and skills, allowing them to stay ahead in the industry.

Learning More about the Method

For those who want to delve deeper into the method, there are resources available that provide more detailed information and insights. These resources can include books, podcasts, webinars, and online forums where individuals can connect with others in the real estate marketing industry. By continuously learning and staying informed, individuals can adapt to changes in the market and continually improve their strategies and services.

Jason Wardrop’s Affiliate Bonuses

Different Programs Included

As part of the Realtor.com method, Jason Wardrop offers affiliate bonuses to individuals who sign up using his affiliate link. These bonuses include various programs such as the Agency Partner Program, AI SaaS Accelerator, Real Estate Agency Accelerator, Affiliate Cashflow Academy, Private Members Community, Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Jason, and a 1-on-1 Business Kickoff Call. These programs provide additional resources, support, and guidance to help individuals succeed in their real estate marketing business.

Additional Benefits and Support

In addition to the programs included in the affiliate bonuses, individuals also receive additional benefits and support. This can include access to exclusive content, additional training materials, and ongoing support from Jason and the community. The affiliate bonuses are designed to provide individuals with the tools and resources they need to excel in the real estate marketing industry while also offering a network of support to encourage growth and success.


The Realtor.com method offers individuals an opportunity to make money online by providing lead generation services to experienced real estate agents. By utilizing software tools, individuals can streamline the lead generation process and help agents attract and convert potential clients. With the potential for recurring monthly income and the ability to expand services, individuals can build a successful real estate marketing business. Through continuous learning and the support of affiliate bonuses, individuals can enhance their skills and maximize their earning potential.