How Jason Wardrop created over $20 million in the last 18 months

In the video titled “How Jason Wardrop created over $20 million in the last 18 months,” Jason Wardrop shares his personal experience and strategies that led to his remarkable financial success. This informative video offers valuable insights and inspiration for viewers who are interested in achieving similar milestones. Wardrop explains that when selling a business, the valuation is typically based on the last 12 months of net income or profit. Factors such as month over month growth, market, and strategic buyout opportunities are also taken into consideration. Wardrop goes on to break down the five steps he took to replicate his success, which include leveraging short-form content, creating a step-by-step course, offering templates and bonuses, delivering results, and using paid advertising to fuel growth. He even offers a free training to help viewers start their own software business and potentially achieve similar multiples.

Through Wardrop’s video, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of the strategies and mindset necessary to create substantial financial success. With his transparent approach and step-by-step breakdown, Wardrop provides an engaging and informative resource for anyone looking to make a significant impact in the business world. Whether you’re interested in the software industry or simply seeking inspiration and actionable tips to achieve financial goals, this video is a must-watch.

The Source of Jason Wardrop’s $20 Million

In the video created by Jason Wardrop, he shares his experience of creating over $20 million in the last 18 months. While he clarifies that he didn’t personally make $20 million, the video aims to explain the steps he took to generate this substantial amount of money.

Factors Considered for Business Valuation

When it comes to valuing a business, several factors are taken into account. One of the key considerations is the last 12 months of net income or profit. Businesses with low profit margins may have lower multiples, typically ranging from 2 to 3 times the net income. On the other hand, high-margin businesses, such as software companies, can command higher multiples, usually between 5 to 10 times the net income.

In addition to net income, other factors that influence business valuation include month over month growth, the market the business operates in, and strategic buyout opportunities. Potential buyers will consider these factors when determining the value of a business.

Jason’s Monthly Commissions

Jason Wardrop reveals that in December, he made over $100,000 in monthly commissions. This high level of revenue over the course of 12 months contributes to the potential enterprise value of his business. By analyzing the monthly recurring revenue of $250,000, multiplied by a conservative multiple of 5, his business’s enterprise value could be as high as $15 million. On the high end, with a multiple of 10, the valuation could reach $30 million.

Jason’s Profit Margin

To understand how Jason achieved such impressive revenue, it’s important to consider his profit margin. Jason explains that he offsets his expenses with other products and services, making his income from high-level 100% profit. This allows him to maximize his earning potential and contribute to the substantial enterprise value he has created.

Five Steps to Replicate Success

In the video, Jason breaks down the five steps he took to replicate his success. These steps are designed to provide guidance and insights for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to achieve similar financial milestones.

  1. Leveraging Short Form Content: Jason emphasizes the importance of capitalizing on the popularity of short form content on platforms like TikTok, YouTube shorts, and Instagram Reels. By creating engaging, bite-sized videos, entrepreneurs can reach wider audiences and increase their visibility.

  2. Creating a Step-by-Step Course: To ensure the success of his audience, Jason developed a step-by-step course that teaches them how to effectively use the software he promotes. This course provides valuable guidance and support, ensuring users can maximize their results and stick with the software.

  3. Offering Templates and Bonuses: Jason understands that an irresistible offer is crucial for attracting potential customers. By providing templates and bonuses that enhance their business growth, he makes his offer more compelling than others in the market. This strategy helps differentiate him and adds value for his customers.

  4. Delivering Results: One of the keys to Jason’s success is his commitment to delivering results. He emphasizes the importance of fulfilling promises and ensuring that customers experience tangible benefits from using his recommended software. This approach cultivates trust and loyalty among his client base.

  5. Using Paid Advertising: Jason acknowledges the role of paid advertising in fueling business growth. By strategically allocating resources to paid advertising channels, entrepreneurs can effectively reach their target audience and accelerate their business’s expansion. Properly executed paid advertising campaigns can lead to increased visibility, customer acquisition, and revenue generation.

Free Training Offered by Jason Wardrop

As part of his mission to help others achieve similar success, Jason offers free training on starting a software business. This training provides aspiring entrepreneurs with valuable insights and strategies to achieve higher multiples and create substantial enterprise value. By sharing his knowledge and experiences, Jason empowers others to embark on their own entrepreneurial journey.


Jason Wardrop’s video sheds light on the strategies and steps he took to create over $20 million in 18 months. Through leveraging short form content, creating a step-by-step course, offering templates and bonuses, delivering results, and utilizing paid advertising, Jason demonstrates the path to replicating his success. His transparency and willingness to share his knowledge provide valuable guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs. With his free training, individuals can embark on their own software business journey and work towards achieving similar financial milestones.