How to Make Money with Google Maps

In the video “How to Make Money with Google Maps” by Jason Wardrop, he shares valuable information on how you can earn $100 to $200 per day online. The strategy revolves around helping local businesses get found on Google. Jason emphasizes the importance of not using ad blockers or chrome extensions when clicking on the provided link, as this can block affiliate tracking and result in missed bonuses. He highlights several bonuses offered by him, such as access to the Agency Partner Program, AI SaaS Accelerator, Real Estate Agency Accelerator, Affiliate Cashflow Academy, Private Members Community, Weekly Group Coaching Calls, and a 1 on 1 Business Kickoff Call.

The video covers step-by-step instructions on finding clients, doing fulfillment, and getting businesses listed in the top three results on Google. It suggests reaching out to businesses through phone calls, website contact forms, or their websites. There are also free resources and tools available to assist with claiming businesses and adding citations. Jason mentions that additional services, like website creation and automating online reviews, can be offered to increase potential income. The video provides valuable insights into making money online using Google Maps and offers practical tips for success.

How to Make Money with Google Maps


Welcome to a comprehensive guide on how to make money with Google Maps! In this article, we will explore a strategy that can help you generate a consistent income of $100 to $200 per day. This strategy is often overlooked and provides a unique opportunity to tap into an untapped market. We will walk you through the step-by-step process to understand the strategy, find clients, optimize Google Maps listings, increase citations and reviews, reach out to businesses, utilize free resources and tools, outsource tasks, offer additional services, and build a profitable client base. So, let’s dive right in!

Step 1: Understanding the Strategy

To successfully make money with Google Maps, it is crucial to understand the strategy behind it. The goal of this approach is to help local businesses get found on Google. By optimizing their Google Maps listing and increasing their citations and reviews, you can help these businesses rank in the top three results on Google. This strategy focuses on providing value to clients and managing their expectations throughout the process. Understanding the importance of a Google Maps listing is key to implementing this strategy effectively.

Step 2: Finding Clients

Finding clients is an essential aspect of making money with Google Maps. To start, you need to identify local businesses in your area. Understanding your target audience and their needs will help you tailor your approach. There are various approaches you can take to find clients, such as utilizing online directories, attending local business events, leveraging social media platforms, and networking. By adopting innovative and proactive methods, you can successfully find clients who are in need of your services.

Step 3: Fulfillment

Fulfillment involves delivering on the promises made to your clients. This step requires following a step-by-step process to provide value to your clients. By offering services such as optimizing their Google Maps listing, increasing their online visibility, and managing their online reputation, you can create a positive impact on their business. It is important to manage client expectations and ensure open lines of communication throughout the fulfillment process.

Step 4: Optimizing Google Maps Listing

Optimizing a Google Maps listing is crucial for businesses to rank higher in search results. This step involves understanding the importance of optimization, implementing effective tips and best practices, and using relevant keywords. By optimizing their Google Maps listing, you can help businesses increase their online visibility and attract more potential customers.

Step 5: Increasing Citations and Reviews

Citations and reviews play a significant role in improving a business’s online presence. Understanding the concept of citations and reviews, and their impact on search rankings, will enable you to help businesses increase their citations. Additionally, implementing strategies to encourage positive reviews can enhance a business’s reputation and attract more customers. By increasing citations and reviews, you can significantly improve a business’s chances of ranking in the top three results on Google.

Step 6: Reaching Out to Businesses

To effectively reach out to businesses, it is important to utilize different communication channels. Craft an effective message that emphasizes the benefits of your services and clearly defines how you can help their business. There are various techniques you can use to approach businesses, such as cold calling, emailing, or utilizing contact forms on their websites. By adopting a personalized and professional approach, you can build valuable relationships with potential clients.

Step 7: Utilizing Free Resources and Tools

There are several free resources and tools available that can assist you in your journey of making money with Google Maps. These resources include claiming businesses on Google Maps, adding citations for improved visibility, and utilizing online platforms like Fiverr to outsource tasks. By leveraging these tools, you can optimize your workflow, save time, and enhance your productivity.

Step 8: Outsourcing Tasks

Outsourcing tasks can be a game-changer when it comes to scaling your business. Platforms like Fiverr offer a wide variety of services that can help you delegate tasks and focus on finding more clients. By outsourcing tasks, you can streamline your operations and deliver high-quality work to your clients efficiently.

Step 9: Offering Additional Services

To maximize your earning potential, consider offering additional services to your clients. These additional services can include creating websites, automating online reviews, or providing ongoing monthly services. By diversifying your offerings, you can appeal to a wider range of clients and generate more income.

Step 10: Building a Profitable Client Base

The ultimate goal of making money with Google Maps is to build a profitable client base. By consistently finding new clients, delivering exceptional results, and offering additional services, you can create a loyal customer base that provides a steady stream of income. Focus on providing value and building long-term relationships with your clients to ensure a sustainable and profitable business.


Congratulations on completing this comprehensive guide on how to make money with Google Maps! You now have a thorough understanding of the strategy, as well as the step-by-step process involved in finding clients, optimizing Google Maps listings, increasing citations and reviews, reaching out to businesses, utilizing free resources and tools, outsourcing tasks, offering additional services, and building a profitable client base. By implementing these strategies and techniques, you have the potential to generate a significant income and achieve financial success. Good luck on your journey!