How To Sell GoHighLevel SaaS Like Frank Kern and Generate $142,376 MRR in 47 Days

In the video “How To Sell GoHighLevel SaaS Like Frank Kern” by Jason Wardrop, you will learn how to generate a monthly recurring revenue of $142,376 in just 47 days. Jason offers various bonuses for signing up through his affiliate link, including access to the Agency Partner Program, AI SaaS Accelerator, Real Estate Agency Accelerator, Affiliate Cashflow Academy, Private Members Community, Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Jason, and a 1-on-1 Business Kickoff Call. It is emphasized that using ad blockers or chrome extensions when clicking on the link will prevent individuals from receiving these bonuses. The video discusses how to sell the GoHighLevel software in a simple and easy manner, taking inspiration from Frank Kern’s talk at a GoHighLevel event. The key takeaway is to simplify the process and focus on the main pain points of customers, while leveraging existing databases and conducting webinars for effective lead generation. The content also provides templates, automated campaigns, and highlights the potential ROI and growth opportunities using the software.

How to Sell GoHighLevel SaaS Like Frank Kern and Generate $142,376 MRR in 47 Days

HighLevel Introduction and Bonuses

In Jason Wardrop’s video titled “How To Sell GoHighLevel SaaS Like Frank Kern,” he provides valuable information on how to generate a Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) of $142,376 in just 47 days. Before delving into the strategies, it is important to understand the bonuses offered by Jason for signing up through his affiliate link. These bonuses include access to the Agency Partner Program, AI SaaS Accelerator, Real Estate Agency Accelerator, Affiliate Cashflow Academy, Private Members Community, Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Jason, and a 1 on 1 Business Kickoff Call. It is crucial to avoid using ad blockers or chrome extensions when clicking on the provided link to ensure proper affiliate tracking and receive the offered bonuses.

Key Takeaway from Frank Kern’s Talk

Frank Kern, a renowned marketer, shared his insights and strategies at the GoHighLevel event on how he scaled his business using the GoHighLevel software. The key takeaway from his talk was to simplify the process and focus on the main pain points of customers. By simplifying and breaking down the complexities of the software, it becomes easier to relate to potential clients and demonstrate the value it can bring to their businesses. Additionally, Frank emphasized leveraging existing databases and conducting webinars as effective strategies to drive conversions and generate revenue.

Effective Strategies for Selling GoHighLevel

To effectively sell GoHighLevel, it is crucial to simplify the software and the benefits it offers. By presenting the software in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, potential clients can grasp its value and solutions it provides. Utilizing templates and snapshots can help showcase the finished product or service and demonstrate how easy it is to achieve using GoHighLevel. It is also important to focus on the core benefits that address the pain points of the target customers. By connecting the dots and highlighting how GoHighLevel can simplify their lives and improve their businesses, it becomes more enticing to potential clients.

Demoing the Software in a Quick and Easy Manner

When demoing the GoHighLevel software, it is essential to have a quick and easy process that showcases its key features and benefits. Strategies for demonstrating GoHighLevel include providing real-life examples of usage and offering hands-on trials to potential customers. By offering a firsthand experience of the software’s capabilities, potential clients can better understand its value and how it can benefit their specific needs.

Generating Leads and Implementing a Follow-up System

Generating leads is crucial for success in selling GoHighLevel. Effective lead generation strategies include targeted marketing campaigns, leveraging social media platforms, and utilizing landing pages to capture potential leads’ contact information. To nurture these leads, implementing a follow-up system is essential. This involves creating engaging and persuasive follow-up messages that cater to the leads’ pain points and showcasing how GoHighLevel can solve their problems. Automating this process using email sequences and other tools helps streamline the follow-up process and ensures leads are not lost.

Using Templates and Automated Campaigns

Templates and automated campaigns are effective tools to simplify the selling process of GoHighLevel. By using pre-designed templates, users can customize them to maximize their effectiveness in showcasing the software’s capabilities. This saves time and effort in creating campaigns from scratch. Setting up automated campaigns ensures consistent communication with potential clients without requiring manual intervention. These automated processes increase efficiency and allow users to focus on other aspects of their business.

Emphasizing Potential ROI and Growth Opportunities

To persuade potential clients, it is crucial to emphasize the potential Return on Investment (ROI) of using GoHighLevel. By highlighting the financial benefits and cost savings the software can bring, clients can see the value in investing in the software. Additionally, identifying growth opportunities for businesses and showcasing real-life success stories and case studies further solidifies the potential return clients can expect from using GoHighLevel.

Creating Urgency and Offering Bonuses

Creating a sense of urgency is essential in the sales process. By communicating limited availability and the benefits of signing up early, potential clients are motivated to take action quickly. Offering exclusive bonuses, as Jason Wardrop provides, incentivizes potential clients to sign up through his affiliate link. These bonuses add extra value to the GoHighLevel package and increase the likelihood of conversions. Demonstrating scarcity and instilling a fear of missing out (FOMO) can be powerful motivators for potential clients.

Success and Positive Reactions from Presenting the Product/Service

Presenting GoHighLevel to potential clients can yield positive reactions and success when done correctly. Anecdotal evidence from the video suggests that the first 20 people who saw the presentation had a strong positive reaction. Despite the promise being limited to the first 20 people, more than that (25-53 people) signed up and were included. This success showcases the effectiveness of the strategies discussed earlier. By keeping the presentation simple, focusing on core benefits and pain points, and demonstrating how easily the product or service can be implemented, potential clients are more likely to be receptive and enthusiastic about the software.

Increasing Retention and Stick Rate

To ensure customers stay engaged and continue using GoHighLevel, increasing customer retention and stick rate is crucial. Strategies for increasing customer retention include providing exceptional customer support, engaging customers with ongoing education and updates, and continually improving the software based on customer feedback. By addressing customer concerns promptly and continuously adding value to their businesses, customer retention can be improved, leading to long-term success for GoHighLevel and its users.

In conclusion, selling GoHighLevel SaaS like Frank Kern and generating substantial MRR requires a strategic approach. By simplifying the process and focusing on pain points, demonstrating the software’s capabilities effectively, implementing a follow-up system, and emphasizing potential ROI and growth opportunities, users can increase conversions and generate significant revenue. Creating a sense of urgency, offering bonuses, and ensuring high customer retention further contribute to the success of selling GoHighLevel. With the right strategies and a focus on customer satisfaction, users can achieve similar success to Frank Kern and generate substantial MRR in a short time frame.